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Recently, the whole country has been suffering from smog and smog, which has made people suffer. It not only affects people's daily travel, but also has a bad influence on people's health. Why Shijiazhuang bio diesel is conducive to reducing haze? There are many reasons for the formation of haze, a lot of people are talking about influence of private cars on the haze, in fact, gasoline vehicle impact on haze is still relatively small, the current status of domestic vehicles, diesel vehicles of more haze. In order to reduce and completely eliminate fog and haze, need to multi pronged approach, nor is it a day's work. But biofuels are very helpful in reducing diesel emissions. Although we usually see a few diesel cars, but in fact, China is a big diesel oil consumption, this is because China's heavy transport vehicles more. China's rapid economic development in recent years, can not be separated from heavy trucks and some loading vehicles, so they are diesel consumers. China consumes about more than 200 million tons of diesel a year. If you can solve these heavy diesel vehicle emissions problems, then the impact of haze will be less. Processing waste oil into biodiesel is an industry that has been vigorously supported by the state in recent years. It can not only solve the problem of food safety, but also reduce the emission of diesel vehicles. The content of sulfur in biodiesel is very small, so the use of biodiesel can reduce more than 30% of sulfide emissions. After using catalyst, it can reduce more than 70%. Not only reduce sulfur emissions, because biodiesel oxygen content is relatively high, so after burning smoke less, and carbon monoxide emissions than diesel decreased more than 10%, even after the use of catalyst can be reduced by more than 95%. Not only can reduce emissions of bio diesel plant, asphalt as the thermal spray of fuel oil, not only high calorific value, can also reduce the emission of the country.

Why Shijiazhuang bio diesel is conducive to reducing haze? 2017-07-13

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Hebei Jinrui Lvyuan Biological Technology Co. Ltd., is located in the central North China plain land, geographical position is richly endowed by nature. 6 km away from the 307 National Road, Shi Huang Highway 4 kilometers, Shide Railway 15 kilometers, traffic developed, convenient transportation, the factory covers an area of 50000 square meters, production workshop covers an area of 20000 square meters. Our company specializes in the production and research of oil chemical products. The annual output of biodiesel is 100 thousand tons, and the annual output of methyl oleate is 20 thousand tons.

The main products are methyl oleate, fatty acid methyl ester (bio diesel), glycerin, plant asphalt, oleic acid, fatty acid, stearic acid, etc.. Products are used in fine chemicals, textile, chemical, leather, chemical, mechanical, chemical, automotive fuel, lubricants, steel rolling, cosmetics, paint and other industries.

The company has perfect quality assurance system, using patented technology and advanced production equipment, with precision analysis instruments, effective monitoring of the entire production process, ensure the quality of products and the production index.

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